Authentic claivoyance

Clairvoyance and other alleged “powers” are certainly one of the areas where the greatest quackeries lurk. The public response to the occult opens up all sorts of scammers, so some are particularly profitable. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell apart authentic mediums, and scammers. It takes a good knowledge of how the extrasensory messages manifest to spot cheaters or being oneself a medium.

Quacks take advantage of what psychologists call the Barnum effect: fortune tellers working in the famous circus stated wave predictions, while carefully scrutinizing the reactions of their victims, so as to give the impression to discover some real elements through so-called clairvoyant powers. Some psychologists have exercised this practice and also they manage to give a perfect illusion of mediumship. There is therefore a psychological phenomenon we must be well aware of, but that has nothing to do with genuine psychic abilities.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology has developed clairvoyance in many new mediums. It was thus possible to systematically compare the messages, and how they manifest. We found these to be extremely accurate and that convergence is perfect, if you know how to interpret them correctly. Once these criteria well integrated, scammer are immediately detected and put out of harm’s way…