Extrasensory abilities

From the moment paranormal phenomena are evidence of their existence, it is necessary to ask why some people develop psychic abilities and some not.

A typical response would like everyone has it, but only some are paying attention. It is true that one can overlook some significant dreams, visions or some relatives of the dream. All this no longer holds when we know how full-blown faculties of clairvoyance present and we have lived the salience of authentic visions. They have nothing fleeting or elusive. These are extremely clear and characterized phenomena that mark memory and always challenge us through their symbolic links with our own destinies.

It remains to understand why these faculties do not undergo normal development for the majority of people, at least in our form of society. What is the factor of inhibition or blockage that makes them inaccessible? Under what conditions do we see them appear in a person rather than another, at one time rather than another? Do they take always the same shape?

It is at these key issues for personal development or for the society of tomorrow, that the Evolutionary Ecopsychology brings original and often surprising answers…