What is Evolutive Ecopsychology ?

Œdipe explique l’énigme du sphinx, d’Ingres

This is a pioneering approach based on a synthesis of the latest findings in biology , psychology , and parapsychology .

Evolutionary Ecopsychology addresses the multiple existential problems we face in our modern way of life following paths hitherto hidden by our Western culture . It offers a revolutionary vision of the relationship between man and his environment , bringing together into a coherent the material, biological, interpersonal, sexual, cultural, and supernatural. It entails a deep paradigmatic shift, both scientifically and in everyday life, fully justifying the designation “total psychology”.

Proceeding by means of reason , evolutionary ecopsychology rehabilitates the so-called paranormal dimension of the universe . It highlights the objectives links , forgotten for centuries between the physical dimension (body, mind, emotions, and sexuality) and the transcendent dimension ( love , ecstasy, psychic abilities , spirituality). It thus reconciles the rational and the irrational , the material and the spiritual, body and spirit, sex and the sacred.

Here you will find explanation keys essential for both your knowle1dge of the world and of humans, and to solve your personal problems on the plane of relationships , family, love , happiness , health , sexuality , balance , career success , money . Two ways ) are available: either take up individual consultations with trainers and mediums mastering the scientific approach and divinatory approach or advance by yourself throughout a personalized cursus .

Our Total Psychology teaching will help you to quickly and easily develop your knowledge in psychology and psychoanalysis , as well as your extrasensory abilities ( intuition , telepathy , divination , clairvoyance ). This will give you the best tools to escape dead ends and existence’s vicious circles and regain the dynamism , balance and creativity that nature bestowed uppon you .

This site also offers you the possibility of accessing trainer grades . You will be able to pass on to others what you have discovered during your own training.

Your first questions :
Why « ECO-psychology » ?
Why « éco-PSYCHOLOGY » ?
Why « EVOLUTIVE écopsychology » ?

Why a fundamental discovery?

Evolutionary ecopsychology allowed many people to develop amazing psychic abilities, that in connection with the way of love and sexuality , in accordance with natural laws . This overwhelming finding rehabilitates the fundamental link between Eros and spirituality , forgotten since antiquity. It is therefore possible to set a different human model , released from regular physical and relational ties because inherently connected to the transcendent dimension thanks to a truly liberated sexuality and a form of society structured on this basis . What matters is in the end, to define a form of civilization matching the human being’s genetic potentiality.

From a scientific perspective, conventional psychology must be rebuilt taking into account the reality of an extrasensory dimension of the human nature and the universe in general. All human sciences, psychology, philosophy, epistemology, life sciences an earth sciences are concerned .

As for psychoanalysis, it still has another limitation as a result of containment of sexuality in reproductive function or pleasure . The imputation of a metapsychic purpose to erotic impulses radically changes its approach to the unconscious . She gives it a verifiable empirical basis and suitable theoretical framework .

In what is it of your concern?

This discovery will enable you to reconsider all aspects of your life in a new light : relationships , career , health , sexuality , food , spiritual life . New reasoning bases allow you to trace the root causes of your difficulties and optimize all your potential to create a better future .

But you will also discover a new form of trust in Life and Creation , through better access to transcendent aspects of the cosmos that neither rational science, nor religious faith or superstitions can actually give.

Among those who have benefited from these advances, some are willing to put their abilities to the service of others. You can contact this site in the form of consultations , and leverage their unique abilities to solve your personal problems. You are to enjoy all the clarity that allows a genuine clairvoyance or an expert practicing I Ching , coupled with a thorough knowledge of psychology and psychoanalysis .

Enough experience is essential to ensure the correct interpretation of messages from that other dimension of the cosmos, which does not obey the same laws as our ordinary mental space . This prevents conventional psychotherapeutic approaches‘s unnecessary trial and errors , as well as the vague and arbitrariness of usual visions and card drawings . At the same time, you will find the best conditions to learn to analyze yourself while developing your own extrasensory perception , the most valuable asset on the path of personal growth and true spirituality .