The site you are discovering is not a simple clairvoyance site.
We have opened it in order to make available to everyone a fundamental discovery: the relationship forgotten for centuries, even millennia, between love life and the extrasensory. Plato, the father of philosophy, describes this perfectly in two of his dialogues: the Banquet and the Phaedrus. We have noticed from the specialists of the ancient Greek, that his explanations however very precise remain today misunderstood, taken by the experts as poetic metaphors whereas they described very real and concrete phenomena. Plato was not a philosopher, but a medium.

A whole part of reality has been forgotten in our culture, the disappearance of these phenomena or more exactly their rarefaction in daily life resulting from a secular degradation of the way of living love. But the concrete experience of the systematic development of extrasensory faculties in more than 80 people, shows that these metapsychic abilities are perfectly verifiable and always present. But modern morality wanted to reduce love to a simple story of reproduction, and this has been done insofar as this same morality (and an unnatural diet) disfigure our original sexual impulses.

But a whole part of the experience of love has a completely different purpose: the deployment of subtle energies of a metapsychic nature, fuelling the growth of these higher faculties**. This is a little-known field, where all sorts of charlatans and exploiters abound. Our aim is precisely to reinstitute the scientific truth in this field**, keeping in mind that it is always a matter of spirituality, which is in essence impossible to control by the mind. The combined university education (in physics, mathematics, biology, history and psychology) of the animators of this site constitute however a guarantee of objectivity and scientific seriousness never before proposed.

Moreover: unlike ordinary clairvoyance sites, we not only offer the possibility to question this transcendent dimension through particularly efficient mediums in order to solve personal problems concerning your destiny or that of your loved ones, but we will also guide you if you wish to find these natural faculties yourself, essential to a life fully lived in the direction of destiny.

Si le problème de l’extrasensoriel vous intéresse, ou si vous avez des questions sur vous-même, nous répondrons volontiers sur ce site soit par téléphone, soit par email à l’adresse