Vital processes obey laws of balance that sometime pretty complex. Biology, which took millions of years to arrive to its current state, integrating innumerable factors acting in neurophysiological mechanisms. These mechanisms never ceased to improve through time, law of natural selection eliminating each process less efficient, much to the profit of more efficient ones. According to evolutionists, this process is responsible for current organisms’ current vital functions’ extraordinary harmony. Some unnatural factors, accidents, human artifices, etc, are nonetheless able to disrupt this equilibrium. There follows generally frustrations, sufferings, and troubles of all kinds. But the processes at work, are of such a complexity, that averting of determining them to set on trail the natural balance once again, is hardly feasible.

For instance, in a family, some kind of balance takes place by itself spontaneously in matter of children-parents relationships. Authority, obeisance, desire of power, dependency, autonomy, and lot of other motions set up in order to keep relationships harmonious. Yet, very often, that sense of balance wears out quickly, without letting us understand the conflicts’ real reasons. Then we hold certain flaws responsible, such as having a loose will, weakness, pride, sloth or other shortcomings of the relationship’s actors.

As for Evolutionary Ecopsychology, it looks for the primary causes of these shortcomings, not only in the person’s past, but also in the behaviour of the people around him, and in the ambient value system. It allows each person to get to get to know more about herself, and about the one closest to her, for instance seeing the relation with the difficulties one’s own parents live through.

More than we would like, it highlights the role of exterior causes, harmful constraints exerted by the educational system, by the professional context, by traditional morale, ill-intentioned third persons, sectary organisations, etc. It gives also sometimes, uncanny answers, provided by the extrasensory, shedding light on hidden causes, impervious to psychological or psychoanalytical research.

The same model of trouble-shooting is valuable for all intern or extern equilibriums, personal or relational, conjugal or extra conjugal, family-related or society-related, material or spiritual. Every destabilisation of a relationship stems from a cause: the point is to dispose of the proper means to uncover it, or trace back through the causality chain, the primary cause behind the immediate causes.

Associating rational analysis to transcendent messages, Evolutionary Ecopsychology enables you to set up, without loss of time or useless guesswork, the best balance possible, to put order again where disorder settled and bring back harmony in yourself and your life context.