Two paths lie before you: the training course, or consultations

These two channels are also perfectly compatible: If you follow the training course, you will develop your self-analysis capabilities with elements of psychology and psychoanalysis you will acquire in the meanwhile. This self-analysis you will gradually bolster your psychic abilities. And whenever you need to be guided by the extrasensory, you will benefit in the best conditions or visions of divination drawings from active mediums on the site.

Do not worry about the idea of addressing the two mountains of knowledge psychology and psychoanalysis generally stand for: they find a logical frame whose evidence will stand out through the sheer change of axiom brought by the relationship between love, sexuality and metapsychic life. You simply rediscover in yourself the psychic mechanisms, of instinctual or defensive nature, you did not know how to explain or control before.

The formation proposed has nothing to do with academic learning, always arduous and daunting when it comes to understanding psychological or psychoanalytical theories in the context of a lecture. When a teacher teaches the students, it automatically produces a stratification of knowledge, which then lose the essential dimension of wonder in authentic learning. Thus arise all sorts of difficulties of understanding, unconscious resistances or anxieties facing a subject which seems hermetic.

This is another way that is open to do a guided search that you can carry on the ground of your own inner reality, and rewarded little by little with progresses in well-being and balance visible in your daily life.

The most valuable of these advances will relate your ability to love and openness to the transcendent dimension in which the true meaning of existence lies.