Spiritual life

Do not confuse spirituality and religious life.

One can perform rituals, worship and offer prayers to each office without this ensures a true spiritual evolution. Dogmatism present in all religions may instead fix the faithful on a crystallized image of divine perfection, or to install it in a conviction of spiritual superiority, that clearly feeds his Ego.

Such a conviction can have serious consequences: to believe possessing the truth inevitably leads to conflicts with those who advocate another belief or god, and as this relates to the very meaning of existence, aggressive reactions are triggered by any discrepancies. To recognize that another religion can best ensure salvation than one’s own is intolerable, as would be being sentenced to hellfire.

The fundamental question is how would present a “natural spiritual life” truly corresponding to human nature and stripped of all the images superimposed on it for millennia of disparate beliefs and religious wars. One way is to see how other cultures, less “advanced” than our own, treat the problem. However, nothing guarantees that totemism and animism are closer to the truth.

An alternative is to say that any notion of spirituality is an illusion generated by the primitive centers of our brain. Such reductionist and atheistic attitude is no longer possible as soon as extrasensory perception gets back its natural frequency and function. It becomes clear that an entire inner evolution occurs under the effect of the permanent flow of paranormal messages. What then can be called “spiritual life”, is this very perceptible inner alchemy. However, this evolution does not need the brand, rituals, ceremonial and other stagings exposed by religions.

Incidentally, all religions use paranormal events that punctuate their history (prophecy, miracles of saints, inexplicable healing, apparitions etc.) as proof of authenticity. There is therefore no reason to exclude paranormal from an authentic spiritual life, independent of any man-made system.

The rediscovery of the natural functioning of psychic abilities and their extreme availability radically changes the situation. Spiritual life magically gets rid of all the iconography that seized it for centuries.

Ecopsychologie Evolutive