If there is one subject that was, for centuries, addressed and abused through and through, it is love. This demonstrates both that it plays a key role in the human condition, and is in very bad shape in our form of culture.

We speak of love in the most disparate situations: the relationship of the child to his mother, the Creator to his creature, the faithful with his neighbor, the student to teacher, from man to woman and vice versa … the same word is used to euphemism for sexual desire, greedy of attraction for its delicacies, the miser to his gold, drunk for its wine, the addict to his drug …
What if this semantic shift from divine to malignant hide there a real deterioration of our conception of love ?Or even of its very functioning ?
It is as if we confuse love and attraction. Many attractions have nothing to do with love. We also confuse with the attachment. The attachment is it by nature of love, or is it an own confusion in our culture?

We know somewhere that love lived in detachment is nobler than when lived in attachment. Would there already be here, some skidding complicating most romantic relationships? It is clear amorous sufferings are related to attachment over that feeling of love in itself. Would it be wrong to attach? The attachment it should be lived differently?
In any relationship, especially when suffering occur, the number of questions and unknowns is so big that we don’t know where to find the causes of degradation, nor the solutions that could get us back that longed for happiness.
Rational analysis isn’t of much help, and it may on the contrary alter that dimension of wonder without which a relationship is a mere contract, or even a vile complicity in the pursuit of pleasure. However, the extrasensory is able to give us real answers, probably as it is of the same transcendent nature than true love.
Here’s the proof that psychic abilities develop precisely when love is at work…